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Internal: DO NOT LINK THIS ARTICLE TO CASES - Unable to convert data to a newer version of Sage 50

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This article is for analyst guidance. Please link the exact customer error message to your support case instead.


Conversion to a newer version of Sage 50 fails at step two, the computer freezes, and or the file does not open. 


CAUTION: Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.

Option 1: Disable antivirus and firewall plus any real-time scanner

  1. Disable the real-time scanner (Examples: Windows Defender; McAfee), then try to convert the file.
  2. Disable the antivirus, then try to convert the file.
  3. If the conversion fails, disable the firewall also and try the conversion again.
  4. If the conversion fails again, try to open the sample company.

Option 2: Incomplete install

  1. If you cannot open sample company in the newer version, then your installation of Sage 50 may be incomplete.
  2. Uninstall Sage 50.
  3. Disable your antivirus and firewall.
  4. Install Sage 50.

Option 3: Check the content of the SAJ folder

  1. Locate the SAJ folder, see How do I find my company file?
  2. Open the SAJ folder and verify the contents.
  3. If duplicate or unneeded files are found, remove them.
    • The SAJ folder should look like this before conversion:

Option 4: Convert sample company in older version to newer version

  1. Verify if you can convert the sample company in the older version to the newer version.
    • If it fails, the cause may be environmental

Option 5: Reinstall MySQL connectors

  1. See Database engine timed out" when opening files to upgrade for instructions.

Option 6: Convert a backup of your data

  1. Copy the .SAJ and .SAI, of the automatic backup created before the conversion, to the desktop and try again.
  2. Follow Where are the Sage 50 automatic backups located?
  3. If step 1 fails, restore from an older backup.
  4. If the backup is able to be converted to the new version, use that file as the current data file.
  5. Re-enter the transactions to bring your data up-to-date.
  6. If the backup is too old or the backup will not convert either, proceed to the next section.

Option 7: Data in SAI and SAJ format

  1. Right click the SAI file and SAJ folder > Properties, to check if they are marked as hidden.
  2. If they are not hidden, open the file in its original version of Sage 50 or Simply Accounting.
  3. If you need to reinstall the old version, install it to C:\Program Files\simold
  4. DocLink: Create a backup of your data named Backup before conversion.
  5. Click Maintenance > Check Data Integrity and then write down any data inconsistencies.
  6. Click Setup > User Preferences and in the View options enable all modules to be displayed.
    • If the Project module doesn't have a name, select Setup > Settings and then change the name to Project
  7. Click Maintenance, Clear data.
  8. Clear Invoice Lookup, Inventory Tracking, Tax Reports, and Paid Transactions until two years ago.
  9. Click Maintenance > Advanced Database Check, and then click Yes.
  10. Click File > Properties, and then write down file location and name.
  11. Close your old version of Sage 50 or Simply Accounting.
  12. Open the Sage 50 - Database utilities by clicking Sage_SA_dbutil.exe application located under C:\Program Files\Sage 50.
  13. Click Browse and change Files of type option at the bottom of this screen by All Files.
  14. Then browse to the location of your file.
  15. Select and enable all four actions to perform, and then click OK.
  16. If the data file is password protected, enter sysadmin password.
  17. You should have a message saying Your tasks are complete, and then close the Database utilities.
  18. Open the file in the new version of Sage 50, and try the conversion.
  19. If the data still does not convert, please contact Customer Support at 1-888-522-2722.

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