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How do I create a backup?

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  1. Open your data file and login to the company.
  2. If you have multiple users in Premium or Quantum, login as sysadmin in single user mode.
  3. Go to File, Backup.
  4. Enter the File Name.
    • Include the date as part of the name
       NOTE: If you don't change the file name, it will overwrite your last backup.
  5. Click Browse and select the folder where you wish to save your backup.
    • The path will be the default path for your next backup
    •  CAUTION: Don't put the file location within the.SAJ folder 
  6.  Click OK to start the backup.



  • You can have Sage 50 create a backup every time you work on your data file
  • You can backup to the cloud using Microsoft 365 and OneDrive

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