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How Can I Grant My Accountant Access to My Accounting Start Account

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This article will provide steps for granting your accountant access to your Accounting Start account.


Since Accounting Start is designed for a single user, you will not have the option to invite a new user via User Management.


To grant access to your accountant, he or she will need to sign up for the Accounting Accountants Edition. This will allow your accountant to establish a link between your accounts and access your account from the Accountants Edition. To do this:

  • Your accountant should sign up for the Accountants Edition.
  • He or she will send an invite to your email from their new account.
  • You will then accept the invitation using your existing email and password.
  • This will establish the link between your accounts giving your accountant the ability to access your data with full access rights.

NOTE: While this is required for your accountant to gain access to your Accounting Start account, this is also the recommended process for accountants working with clients using Accounting. Even though Accounting supports multiple users, we recommend that accountants sign up for the Accountants Edition to access their client's data for the best overall experience

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