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How to convert from Sage 50 2013 or Simply Accounting to the latest version

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How to solve the error messages "This file was created with an obsolete version of Sage 50 and cannot be opened by this version." or "This file was created with Sage 50 (Release 2013.4 or earlier). You can open this file if an earlier version of Sage 50 (release 2014.0 to 2015.3) is also installed".



CAUTION: Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. If necessary, seek the assistance of a qualified Sage business partner, network administrator, or Sage customer support analyst.


Migration and conversion of older formatted Sage 50 data is not included with your Sage Support plan. For assistance with data older than 2008, contact Sage Expert Services. This is a fee-based service.

Simply Accounting 2008 and newer:


  1. Data files from Simply Accounting 2008 to Sage 50 2013 can directly convert to Sage 50 2023 as long the PC has Sage 50 2014 or Sage 50 2015 (bridge) installed on the PC. No need to pre-convert the file to 2015 - just open the file in the latest version of Sage 50.
  2. Data files from Simply Accounting 2007 or earlier require pre-converting to Sage 50 2014 / 2015 before upgrading to Sage 50 2023.
  3. Before doing any conversion, ensure the latest purchase of Sage 50 is the correct one. In some circumstances, the data file may need to be converted to a higher version of Sage 50 depending on the current file format (Pro, Premium, etc). See Software Upgrade Paths from Simply Accounting to Sage 50 Canada to determine what version of Sage 50 will be needed.


  1. Download Sage 50 2015.3 Full Product.
  2. Install version 2015. When prompted for a serial number, select Trial Version.
  3. Select the same edition your data was created in (First Step, Pro, Premium, Quantum), then continue with the installation. If unsure, you may select the Accountants Edition with the 30-day trial option.
    • If your data is currently in 2008 - 2013, then go to step 4
    • If your database is in Simply Accounting 2007 and older, open your database in version 2015.
      • Follow the screen prompts to make a backup and complete the data conversion.
  4. Open your old company file/database in the newer version of Sage 50 to prompt the conversion to Sage 50 2023. Follow the screen prompts to complete the data conversion. While converting the file, you may be prompted to do a backup. Do this backup or see article How do I create a backup?.

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