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How do I print T5018?

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The article provides a step-by-step guide on how to print T5018 slips using Sage 50 software. It instructs users to navigate through 'Reports' to 'Payables' or 'Vendors & Purchases,' choose the vendor and year, and enter the CRA Business Number. The article notes that Sage 50 prints T5018 slips without formatting and recommends obtaining pre-printed forms from the Canada Revenue Agency.


  1. Click Reports
  2. Select Payables or Vendors & Purchases
  3. Click Print T5018 Slips
  4. Select a Vendor or click Select All
  5. Select Year: Current or Prior
  6. Select Calendar Year or Fiscal Year
  7. Put a checkmark under Print T5018 Summary and T5018 Statements
  8. Enter the Business number you received from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), under CRA Business No.:
  9. Click Print

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