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How to restore from a revised Accountant's copy

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I have sent an accountant's copy to my accountant. The accountant sent back a modified data file. How do I restore it?


Note: Before performing either method, it is recommended to make a backup of your company data. Follow How to restore from a backup

Method 1: .CAB file

  1. The accountant should have returned a .TXT file (not a .CAB file).
  2. Please contact your accountant and request to reopen the modified company file.
  3. Request your accountant to go to the Accountant Edition menu (next to the Help menu).
  4. Select Accountant's Copy, then Export Entries for Client.
  5. Follow the instructions to export a .TXT file.
  6. Request the accountant to email this .TXT file.
  7. Once you have the .TXT file, go to Method II.

Method 2: .TXT file

If you have a .TXT file, then follow these steps:

  1. Open your company file as normal (ignoring the accountant's .TXT file) in Sage 50.
  2. Select File, Accountant's Copy, then Import Entries from Accountant.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen. One of the screens will ask you to browse.
  4. Select Browse.
  5. Browse to where the .TXT file is.
  6. Select Open.
  7. Follow the next screens until the import is complete.

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