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How to manually process payroll using the General Journal.

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If you start using a support plan/payroll plan and wish to do automatic payroll you will need to relink payroll accounts in setup-settings-payroll-linked accounts


  • Payroll features are now available for customers on a valid payroll plan


For processing payroll without a payroll or support plan, the entries can be entered manually via the General Journal screen in the Company module.

  1. From the main screen of Sage 50, click on Company
  2. Open General journal
  3. Enter a Source
  4. Select the date
  5. Enter a Comment (if desired as it's not mandatory)
  6. Entry will look as below: (Note: Accounts will vary depending on individual setup)


  • You will need to unlink any payroll accounts to post to them directly if they are still linked. To unlink accounts, go to Setup-Settings-Payroll-Linked Accounts and remove the accounts that you need to post to from there.
  • Make sure to backup your data before unlinking accounts