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Archived: Sage 50 Canadian Edition: Download Portal

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What download do I need?


Existing users with Sage 50 installed:

  • The latest version of Sage 50 is currently Release 2023.1.
  • There are 4 downloads available for you to choose from:
    • The full version of 2023: Download here
    • The 2022.4 version update for those that have 2022.0 through 2022.3 already installed: Download here
    • The full version of 2022.3: Download here

New users who have never installed Sage 50 before:

Users who have installed the latest trial version:

  • After a trial version download, you have the option to install: Pro, Premium, Quantum or the Accountant Edition (see image below)
    • Purchased Sage 50 and received a serial number? See Activate Sage 50 now
    • Haven’t purchased Sage 50 yet? After purchasing Sage 50, you may need to uninstall the trial version. and the software using the same link along with your activation codes
    • Purchase the same version activated in the trial version for easy license activation (see image below)

Existing users with Sage 50 already installed or who need an older version:

Converting old data to the latest version of Sage 50:

  • Please see the product conversion compatibility chart
  • Before converting, create a backup of your existing data
  • Open your existing company data file and the conversion process will begin automatically
  • Looking to convert from a previous version? See this link

DocLink: How to install the Sage 50 Connection Manager on the server
DocLink: How to perform a workstation install and or update
DocLink: Error: "You need to update the Sage 50 Connection Manager on [ServerName]"

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