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How to use Accounting Codes.

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What are the different accounting codes for? How to use accounting codes.




You can create an unlimited number of Accounting Codes to be used as you wish on products, customers, payments, and cost centers. For this reason your Sage Business Partner would be your best resource in setting these up as they understand your business.

  • The Type field identifies what you are creating the accounting code for.
  • The lines listed are based on the type selected, which are defined in the Accounting code lines function.
  • For each line, you can optionally define the actual account to use for each chart of accounts associated with the transaction selected.
  • If you leave an account blank, it is assumed you are setting up the automatic journal to either include an account or to look to another source.
    Note: The system does not verify the account entered exists.
  • The program can construct one account based on more that one accounting code within one automatic journal. You can use wild cards to generate the account from multiple codes.
  • The lines used for construction of an account must have Modifier selected as the account type.
  • The account can be created by combining lines of the same accounting code or by combining lines of different accounting codes.
  • The selection of the Automatic creation check box on the chart of accounts determines if the account constructed is automatically created if it does not exist.