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Error: "Backup of data was unsuccessful"

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  • The verification process of the backup extracts (unzips) the company files.
  • It follows up this step by opening the data in just a few seconds after the backup is complete.
  • But the connection manager (CM) is required in order to open the database.
  • If the backup location was a network attached storage (NAS) device, the CM can not even be installed.
  • So the verification process will always fail.
  • Unfortunately, deselecting the verification during the backup process will still incur this warning message.
  • But the backup will technically be successful. The backup file will exist.
  • Save location is not accessible through backup wizard.
  • The Internet connection failed or was disconnected, therefore the Connection Manager is not running.



  • You can continue using the NAS location and you can ignore the warning message.
  • You can backup differently, using an alternative method.

Method 1: Start Connection Manager

  1. Go to Windows start menu and type in the search engine "Sage 50 Connection Manager"
  2. Click and open the program
  3. Press on "Start service"
  4. Do your backup

Method 2: Third party backup

  1. Once you know the default location of your daily or weekly automatic backups.
  2. (%public%\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\Download\), use Windows backup or some other third party product to backup the content of these backups to the NAS (or some other desired location).

Method 3: Backup locally then copy to wanted location

  1. Manually backup to a different location on the local hard drive (C:\), then copy or move this backup to the NAS (or some other desired location).

Method 4: Location is on mapped drive on Server

  1. Verify you have access to the mapped drive.
  2. Verify the rights have not been altered on the Server folder.
Method 5: Run Sage as Administrator

  1. Right-click on Sage 50 in the start menu, then select Run as Administrator
  2. When launching Sage 50, agree to User Account Control prompt to allow the program to run

Method 6: Verify the SAJ

  1. Ensure there are no unwanted contents in the SAJ folder
  2. If unsure how to verify the SAJ folder, contact support

Method 7: The data is on Sage Drive

  1. Unshare the data from Sage Drive
  2. Reshare the data
  3. Try doing the backup again

Method 8: Local backup is set to a One Drive location

  1. Setup One Drive local folders again - Contact Microsoft support -
  2. Use local folder on C:\\ to backup instead
  3. Or use the Cloud backup option

Turn On or Off Verify Backup File After Back Up Completion

Set Up Schedule for Backups

Chat with support