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How do I send a backup to my accountant?

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You have two ways to send a backup to your accountant depending on what your accountant needs to do.

Option 1

  • If your accountant is a partner with Sage Software and has the Accountants Edition you can create an Accountant's Copy.
  • See the related link below for instructions on how to create it and its limitations.

Option 2

  • If your accountant is not a partner or the work he needs to do is outside the limitations of the Accountant's Copy then you would need to create a normal backup.
  • Depending on the size of the backup file you could email it, use a cloud storage solution or give the accountant a USB key with it on it.
  • For instructions on how to do a backup, see the related links below.

The Remote Data Access feature which is included in the Sage 50c subscription allows data/company access to accountants/bookkeepers. See related resources "Remote Data Access - Setup users"

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