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How can I change the sysadmin email address (Sage ID) in my cloud connected company?

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How can I change the Sage account username / ID of the sysadmin (owner of the data file) for re-onboarding Remote Data Access, Invoice Payments or Bank Feeds?


Sage 50 company files are designed to remain connected to the sysadmin Sage ID that you used during the initial cloud-onboarding process, when you first shared the file with Remote Data Access.


  1. Log in as sysadmin in single user mode.
  2. Go to Setup, Set Up Users.
  3. Enter the sysadmin password if you have one set up and click OK.
  4. Select sysadmin username and click Modify User.
  5. Click Change email.
  6. If the option is greyed out, contact Customer Support.



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