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How to prepare and print T4 Slips and Summary

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How to print T4 slips and summaries in Sage 50.


 NOTE:  You’ll need an active Sage Business Care plan to print T4 slips and summaries.

Step 1: Select the employees to receive a T4.

  1. Click Reports, Payroll, then Print T4 Slips and Summary.
  2. Mark the box for Include inactive employees to print a T4 for terminated employees.
  3. Individually select the employees you wish to print T4s for or click the Select All.
    Hold the Ctrl+Shift and click each employee to select multiple employees without selecting all the employees.
  4. Select the year you’re printing T4s.

Step 2: T4 Summary Business Information tab.

  1. Enter the Payroll Account Number.
  2. Select the Type of Business.
  3. Enter the SIN number in Owner/Partner SIN.
  4. Click the T4 Summary Contact Information tab.
  5. Enter the Contact Name.
  6. Enter the Area Code and Phone Number. Enter in Ext if applicable.
  7. In Position or Office, enter the person certifying the return.
  8. Click OK.

Step 3: T4 Box Options will appear on-screen.

  1. For each applicable payroll Income and Deduction:
    • Select the box number to print the amount to in T4 by clicking on the dropdown list
    • Leave blank if you don't want the amounts to print for a specific payroll Income or Deduction
  2. Click OK.
  3. T4 Summary screen will appear.
  4. Edit amounts for Employers' CPP Contributions, Employers' EI Contributions, and Other Payments if applicable.
  5. Click Print.

See My T4 isn’t printing if T4s don’t print.

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