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Configuring Sage 50 CA for a server environment

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Sage 50 install can open data locally. Company data is located on the server, but the data does not open. When trying to open data on the server from a workstation I get a read-only or permissions error. When trying to open data on the server from a workstation following error occurs "Sage 50 Accounting has encountered a problem and needs to close"




CAUTION: This solution requires advanced knowledge of your network. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Modifying Windows security incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. 

Note: This article is for a computer technician who is the administrator of your network.

The following assumes the Sage 50 Connection Manager is installed and running on the server

Connection Manager Notes for technicians:

  • The connection manager must BIND to the TCP protocol
  • If there are any problems with locating TCP then a network error will generate
  • IF there are any problems with the IP/Hostname resolution then an error will generate or there will be delays opening and closing the data
  • As a test, open the data with an IP address of the server in the Open Company window
  • DNS must be the same source for the workstations and server
  • Multihoming is problematic for the connection manager

Firewall settings

Note: Follow DocLink: Which processes and ports to allow through my firewall to ensure that Sage 50-Canadian Edition will operate correctly

Option 1: Shared folder settings and Sage 50 Database Connection Manager

  1. Right-click on your data folder, then select Sharing and Security from the drop-down menu to test user rights for accessing the data.
  2. Select the Share folder radio button, then select Permissions.
  3. Choose to share with EVERYONE or assigned users and give full permissions to the folder.
  4. Test accessing the data from the various workstations.
  5. If successful you may wish to remove the EVERYONE group from the Permissions tab for security reasons, and add each user in the Shared Permissions instead
  6. If the users can not be added, proceed to step 2
  7. Use the Computer Server Management to add the LAN users
  8. Select Windows Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools, then Computer Management
  9. Select Local Users and Groups Users and add the user here
  10. Once the user(s) has been added, go back to step 1 and add the individual user to the Shared Permissions on the data folder
  11. Try again to open the data across the network. If another connection error message is generated proceed to the next step

Option 2: Add the local server administrator (not global admin) to users to the Log in for the Connection Manager Service

  1. Select Windows Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools, then Services.
  2. Find the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager in the services list and double-click it to open the Properties window
  3. Select the Log On tab. Add the local administrator
  4. Confirm the service state is enabled at this stage, then select OK
  5. Open the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager properties window again
  6. Stop and then Start the Connection Manager service on the server
  7. If a 1069 error message is generated see the article in the Related Resources section
  8. Try again to open up the database across the network

Option 3:

  1. Press the Windows Key + R.
  2. Type in secpol.msc.
  3. Scroll through the User Rights Assignments and double-click Log on a service.
  4. Add the network users to the logon list.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Restart the Connection Manager.
    Note: This is not the domain permissions but the local permissions for the server
  7. If there are two or more network cards installed on the server (multi-homing):
  8. Disable all but one (even if the network connection is virtual)
  9. Test the connection again.
  10. If the connection is successful and the server environment needs more than one NIC then:
  11. Open the data with the IP address of the server rather than a UNC name
    Note: For example, in the open company window using FILE NAME type \\\simplydata\universl Or
  12. Add the server address to the HOSTS file. Follow DocLink: Error: "A network error occurred while communicating with the connection manager"


  • Sage 50 is not tested or designed for a Virtual Network environment (AKA: Cloud computing)
  • If the shared drive or folder is part of a Distributed File System, then the Sage 50 Connection Manager will not recognize the folder. Recreate the folder outside of the Distributive folder
  • If the drive or folder is set up as a Web Service, then Sage 50 connection manager will not recognize the drive. Create the folder outside of the Web Service
  • If the drive is independent (not configured in the computer's BIOS), then Sage 50 connection manager will not recognize the drive