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How to amend my business details in Accounting

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In this article, you will learn how you change your business name & address or contact details in Sage Business Cloud Accounting


You may need to change your business details after you created your account. (Business Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc)

NOTE: Please note you can make changes to the details appearing on your account and invoices sent to your customer , but you need to contact the support team to make any changes to your Billing details and Contact details for any communication between you and Sage. 


Changing your Business Details in your account:

Details can be modified from the following sections. Please note Business Name and Address can be modified from 2 different sections, changing from one section will automatically update the other section. 

From the upper right-hand corner, hover over your business name and click on Manage Business Account.

From the Business Management screen, click on the tab Business Information.
Here you can change:

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Settings Tab > About my business
    • Business Name
    • Business Address
    • Business Type
    • Registration number 
  • Settings Tab > Emails Settings
    • Here you can change the business email appearing on your invoices sent to your customers
    • Note. please contact support if you want to change the email address you use to sign in to your account.
  • My Profile  (user profile)
    • From here each user can change their Contact Name and password used to connect to the account.
    • Please contact us to change the name used to communicate via Chats and Cases from the Customer Community. 
  • Settings > Sales Tax settings(CA) / Sales Tax Rates (US).
    • From here you can change your 
      • Tax Return Frequency and Registration number for CA
      • Tax Rates for the US

To change your subscription billing details

If you have changed the Business Name, Address, and VAT details from your business profile in Accounting it will not automatically populate this in Sage's CRM, hence you still will receive a billing invoice with the incorrect details.
The owner of the account must send a formal request to the support team via the Customer Community with the correct details and an agent will proceed with the change. 

This is to ensure that subscription invoices that you receive from Sage are correct and accurate for recording purposes.