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How do I export all of my data from Accounting?

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In this article, you will learn how to export Sage Accounting Data


Accounting data can be exported as follows :


All reports can be accessed from the Reports Tab.

From each report, click on Export and the report can be opened as PDF or CSV. You can then save it onto your personal desktop.

Quotes, Estimates, Sales and Purchases Invoices, and Credit Notes

All quotes invoices and credit notes can be opened as PDF. You can then save or print.  

How do I print an existing invoice in Accounting?

Listings (from Sales, Expenses, Contacts, Products&Services, Banking>Bank Account Activity tabs)

From each activity tab, you can also export  Invoices, Products, and contacts listings as it appears on the screen, onto CSV/PDF files.

  1. You may want to configure the display of columns first (Click on the cogwheel 


    on the left, Select and Save) ,
  2. Select the relevant period and apply filters as needed.
  3. Select the transactions by checking the box to the left of the transaction or contact, or you can select all. Then the taskbar and icons will appear at the top of the list, and you can export the selection as a PDF or a CSV file. 
    NOTE: You can select a maximum of 15 documents at once for PDF exporting. 

Google Drive

From the Settings tab, you can set up a Google Drive connection to automatically save invoices, quotes, and credit notes into your Google drive.


  • Only your sales invoices, quotes, and sales credit notes will be saved on Google Drive, within your Sage folder. Your purchases invoices and purchases credit notes won't be saved.
  • The invoices, quotes, and credit notes you created before you set up Google Drive won't be saved, but only the ones created after you activated Google Drive.